Template:Ref-improve Big Spring Jam is an annual three-day music festival taking place in Huntsville, Alabama. The Jam, which began in 1993, typically takes place the fourth weekend in September, beginning Friday and ending Sunday. It features acts from all genres of music including local bands, emerging talent, old favorites, and the top artists of the day. Along with the music, the Big Spring Jam also holds an annual 5k race.

The title of the festival is a matter of confusion for many, especially those outside Huntsville, as the Big Spring Jam takes place early each autumn. The title, however, comes from  · location, Big Spring International Park in downtown Huntsville.

Big Spring Jam usually features four or more temporary stages set up throughout the park. Each stage typically features the same genres of music throughout the weekend. One stage features country music exclusively, another features Christian contemporary, and the remainder of the stages are rock-based.

Unlike most other large-scale music festivals, Big Spring Jam is a not-for-profit event, organized each year by the Huntsville Heritage Foundation in conjunction with the Von Braun Center. Proceeds from the event benefit local charities, health and human services agencies, and arts and entertainment organizations throughout North Alabama.

In recent years, the Big Spring Jam has suffered a tarnished reputation due to weather events. In both 2005, and 2006, some of the main acts were canceled due to inclement weather. Despite existing as a non-profit event, Big Spring Jam officials refused to refund ticket prices after canceling events. For example, tickets were sold after the event was rained out in 2006 - and officials refused to refund the ticket prices. Tickets were sold up until the point the event was canceled. However, the 2007 and 2008 events, where the weather was favorable, were deemed highly successful. The 2010 event was cancelled due to financial and logistical issues but event promoters promise a return in 2011.[1][2]

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